BUHU Japan Tour 2017

BUHU goes international!

Jeremy Rogers’s dream of a “hyper-fantastical reality” has translated itself into music he produces under the moniker, BUHU.

And now, BUHU is taking their bedroom synth-pop on a transpacific journey to Japan in early November.

Synthesizing the past

Some say the past should be left behind. Some say you can’t stop innovation. As for the others? Well, BUHU is innovating the past and it’s kinda bad-to-the-bone.

If there were past and present tenses to composing music, like in writing and grammar, BUHU would be composing music in both tenses (the 1980s and the 2010s). This poses a series of questions… Does this make the group of musicians time travelers? Can they synthesize the past back to life? Have they gone back in time to speak and collaborate with Gary Numan and The Cars?

The answers? We have no damn idea. However, what we do know is that their music takes us on an auditory stimulation journey and we have found the closest thing to Nirvana.

from bedroom to stage

Lush dream pop and brooding electronica — BUHU is like the quirky love child of today’s The Japanese House and the ’80s Devo (emphasis on quirky). The trio boasts turbulent, abstract synth tones that challenge the conventional. It’s refreshing, unique, and most definitely Austin. These rambunctious synths are contrasted with bass wind-downs and a blend of both high and low vocal ranges.

BUHU is more than just a moniker to Jeremy; it’s “a retrospective of his ideal self and his worst self”. That’s exactly what he plans to showcase in Japan — the two sides of himself that are manifested in a musical dialogue.

Personifying electronica

“Franny”, released at the tail end of July, serves as proof of Rogers’ lyricizing capabilities. The track itself is dedicated to his late mother who passed away from cancer when he was nine.

“We can’t even begin to know what its like / The guilt I’ve felt for the past has defined my life / Oh Franny, oh Franny”

“Every time I see your face / In my minds eye I can feel your love taking shape / Should I ever speak your name / It reminds me of all of the lives that you changed / In your life, in your life, in your life”

From humble beginnings of mastering the looping machine to creating gorgeous, electronic ballads with lyrical phrases that serve as a living testament of adoration for his mother, BUHU grants synth tones a human face.

before Japan

You have two opportunities to witness BUHU’s emotionally-charged slam poetry before the group leaves for Japan: September 28th at The Electric Church and October 20th at The Swan Dive.