Unearth your youth with Cowboy Diplomacy’s “No Alibi”

Photo credit: Cowboy Diplomacy & Breezy Ritter

The term, cowboy diplomacy, involves one thing: brash risk-taking.

Austin’s own bluesy, alternative rock quartet, Cowboy Diplomacy, crafted their most recent release to describe this blissful, reckless fun to a T.

the music

“No Alibi” strikes a special chord with our heydays. The new single puts a soundtrack to our adolescent glory and allows us to reminisce upon warm, summer nights spent with friends.

The funkadelic guitar riffs and fuzzy, blurred bass lines make for the perfect backtrack of a night spent in Austin. This is a song you would hear come out of the woodwork of a bar while strolling down 6th street with friends and distinctify itself from everything else you’ve been hearing. It radiates the southern charm and welcoming hospitality that’s associated to these parts.  

The track allows us to import the epitome of the Austin live music scene to our homes and transports us to the mindless dancing we do while having a good time.

We are soon led into the chorus…

“So the question is will you cruise on by / so the question is will you take a drive / so the question is will you get so high”

Before the chorus, there are occasions where guitarist, Zac Walden, bends the pitches upward to mimic the voice inflection you create when you ask someone a question (like the question proposed in the chorus).

Cowboy Diplomacy’s, “No Alibi”, doesn’t hinder you from the moment you’re in; it further delves you into that moment and is the catalyst for everything else around you to fade out into a haze. 

The name & sound

Ian Cochran, lead singer, spoke to what the term as a whole means to the band… “Cowboy Diplomacy to us just means doing whatever it takes to achieve our goals and conquer our dreams. Our name represents our passion and determination to sacrifice and grind until we can grasp what we want.”

When asked about their raw, timeless sound, the group said, “We aren’t trying to sound like anyone. We are just playing music through our experiences. We’ve all had crazy things happen in our lives and we just put it all together through our music. Just playing the truth, our truth.” As for Ian’s signature growl, he claimed, “It just started coming out of my mouth and I ran with it.”

the future

Cowboy Diplomacy has been nominated for the annual award of becoming one of Austin’s “Black Fret Artists” (also entails receiving a grant from the foundation). Additionally, their tracks have been mastered by Howie Weinberg– the same man behind musical groups, Spoon and Wilco.  

So the question is will you cruise on by to support Cowboy Diplomacy at their weekly shows downtown (One2One Bar, South Congress Hotel, and Handlebar). Strap on your chaps and put on your hat and show “No Alibi” some Texas-sized love.