Song premier: Malik – “Pink”


During our interview early last month, Malik and I talked about the future of his music, and what listeners could expect from his improved artistry and risk-taking with his sounds. Now, three weeks later, listeners can finally hear the beginning of Malik’s new era of sound with his song “Pink,” the lead single from his project Spectrum.

“Pink” is definitely one of Malik’s best songs thus far, and an exciting tease of what is to come from Spectrum. Lyrically divergent from his earlier songs, and with much more singing than on The Principium or The Awakening, “Pink” reaffirms that Malik has enormous promise and talent outside of rapping – and that he is dedicated to taking musical risks.

Describing “Pink,” Malik says “This song has freed me in a few different ways. Musically I’ve allowed myself to write and perform in a way I haven’t felt comfortable with until now. Personally it has allowed me to express some of my thoughts I don’t often share.”

He continues, “My being nervous creating this song confirms that I’m pushing myself through getting over what others think about me and my music and only caring about what I think about my creativity and myself. I love it.”

As do we, Malik.

Listen to “Pink” here:

“Pink” is also available on several other streaming platforms here.