Your ultimate guide to Record Store Day 2017

record store day

In a world of streaming, you’d think music consumption is dominated by some of your favorite apps such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. However, sales of vinyl have boomed in the last year with an increase of 26 percent last year. According to Deliotte, vinyl sales were only at a mere 1 million; this year, the vinyl record industry is projected to move more than 40 million units this year. The retro-loving vinyl fans and the longing for authenticity and the ceremonious feeling that comes with throwing a record on and laying down the needle is keeping the industry alive and thriving.

This Saturday, April 22nd marks the 10th Anniversary of Record Store Day, a day dedicated to record culture, record lovers, record makers, and most importantly, the record stores that make it all possible. This day holds responsibility for bringing people together to highlight independent record stores and recognize them for serving as the epicenters of their communities.

While the day is about celebrating the newfound vinyl revolution, the day is really about the stores. Austin, being the live music capital of the world and serving as the home of legends, Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin, and Robert Plant to name a few, holds great accountability and pride in its independent record stores.

Record Store Day holds a number of festivities all around town, from in-store performances to very exclusive and rare Record Store Day vinyl releases tied to the celebration. With the honorary releases of David Bowie’s previously unreleased live recording, Cracked Actor (Live, Los Angeles, ’74. from Los Angeles on 5th September, 1974, a pivotal gig in the transition between the Diamond Dogs tour and the Philly Dogs tour; and BOWPROMO (GEM Promo LP), a reproduction of one of Bowie’s earliest demo promos to multiple special 12” Maxi-Singles from none other than Prince, a man who loved and visited his local record store on Record Store Day and year-round, as well as a 7″ picture disc of “Little Red Corvette” b/w “1999”. Plus, exclusive releases from The War on Drugs, Madonna, Lil Uzi Vert, Stevie Nicks and more.

Whether you stream it in the comfort of your bed or buy it in person, come celebrate music, community and your local record stores.

Below is your ultimate guide to Record Store Day 2017 in Austin, Texas.

Antone’s Record Shop | 10AM – 10PM | GIVEAWAYS & GOODIES

End of An Ear | 10AM – 10PM | GIVEAWAYS & GOODIES


Breakaway Records | 10AM – 8PM | GIVEAWAYS & FREE DRINKS


Encore Records | 10AM – 12AM | GOODIES

End of An Ear | Record Store Day David Bowie Bundle Giveaway (Contest on


Antone's Records | Record Store Day David Bowie Bundle Giveaway (Contest on