Digital Wild releases two new music videos

With all of the same old, recycled material that mainstream radio stations just love to play – to the point of unbearable suffering – people might start to wonder if pop music exists simply to annoy us. According to the Austin music scene, however, it doesn’t. In fact, pop music exists to be actively enjoyed, to be discussed, and to have a good time. Out of the many of the local groups that can attest to this statement, one indie-electronic trio, The Digital Wild, have shown us that it is completely possible to create music that’s full of life, and void of the vapid clichés that typical pop music espouses.

The Digital Wild is made up of three members: Seth Woodward, James Blair, and Chantell Moody. Together, the trio consistently presents electronic music with a fun and heart-warming tonality to it.

“Wait” Music Video

In early March, the band released the video for the single “Wait.” In the video, a variety of things occur. The video opens ominously in what appears to be an empty warehouse, and three children wake up to perform random actions. The children appear to be child incarnations of the three band members themselves. The rest of the video switches between the universes of the children, reflecting on what is happening in the corresponding universe. The video presents the concepts of love and heartbreak, insecurity and confidence, and freedom through the lenses of the band members’ characters living out their lives.

I’m impressed with both the delivery of the song and the cleverness of the video. “Wait” is the type of pop song that I would love to hear on the radio, because this type of catchy, yet chilled out, song is relatively rare to find. The last song on the radio that I remember that gave the same type of vibe that “Wait” does was “Hang On, We’re Going Home” by Drake. That being said, “Wait” and its music video are wonderful examples of uplifting and fun music that invites the listener to the party, as opposed to being intimidating.

“They Say” Music Video

The Digital Wild’s newest music video features the band’s latest single, “They Say.” In the video, singer Chantell Moody displays her fun and eccentric self as she is joined by an eclectic ensemble of equally alluring and interesting women. The women are shown to be performing various tasks of expression, athleticism, and creativity, as the scenes jump from chilling in parking lots, spray painting fences, shredding at a skateboard park, and dancing on top of Austin’s infamous Graffiti Park at Castle Hill.

Similar to the single “Wait,” “They Say” is another upbeat electronic piece that strongly exhibits a positive atmosphere. Moody’s voice in this song reminds me quite bit of the early 2000s pop artist Dido. Moody’s energy and vocal delivery, however, is similar to the energy that singers like Lorde and Sia have, at least when their energy is more on the chill and relaxed side. Moody’s phrasing of “They say riskin’ ain’t easy, but it is for me” is the perfect statement of independence and confidence. Both of these qualities are eloquently displayed by all the women in the video, who do what they want, and how they want.

Not the last we’ll see of the band

It’s obvious that the Digital Wild isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. If these two new music videos are an indication of anything, it’s that they’ll be here for a long time.

If want to get more of the Digital Wild, then simply visit their SoundCloud, or catch them at Empire Control Room on Friday, where they plan to drop their first official EP, “Tall as Trees.”

Photo courtesy of Bright Box Theater