Weekly staff picks: Space

We all are surrounded by the noise of the earth. Whether that noise is the sound of horns stuck in traffic, the lightning speed and sirens of a train, or just people around us, sometimes you want to sit alone and just relax. Here is the soundtrack to what I would like to call “Space.”

As we are all gearing up for the sweat storm and heat that SXSW is going to bring, it is nice to be filled with some of the best from Holodeck Records and others. Us Texans understand that after a long day of being out in the sun, it can be nice to relax and just… hangout.

So with music out of our lovely city of Austin, “Space” brings to you some of the best synth and electronic ambience, featuring songs from our very own S U R V I V E, Missions, Boan, and more. Be ready to be enhanced with the electronic sounds that these artists bring to the table.