MAXAM releases stellar new single and EP

If you haven’t heard of the Austin-based electro-rock sensation MAXAM, you are missing out on some serious ear candy. The trio eludes high-strong rock n’ roll vibes by fusing guitar synths, passionate drum beats and grungy yet empowering rock lyrics to create an array of jammable tracks.

On March 11, MAXAM officially released their highly anticipated sophomore EP, “Vol. 1” which includes their latest single, “Love Blood,” and it has undeniably soared past our expectations. The EP takes you on a musical journey that stays true to classic funk-rock sounds while adding a unique MAXAM twist that beautifully seasons Austin’s music scene. Each track possesses its own vibe that will take you on a musical journey all the way from classic rock n’ roll to modern-day indie and electro-rock– honestly “MAXAM” should be a genre of its own.

The EP’s opening track, “Wake Up,” will most definitely wake you up. The introductory guitar synths hold a rhythmic passion that sets up the rest of the EP’s powerful energy.

Folk n’ Lore” possesses a more mellow vibe that helps balance out the intensity of the rest of the EP in a beautiful interlude-like way. The mellow drum beats combined with repetitive guitar twangs and softer lyrics are comparable to indie-rock sensations Half Moon Run and Fleet Foxes. At some points in the song, the guitar twangs seem to bring in a slight atmospheric and celestial vibe, which creates an obscure yet enticing feeling.

Okay, back to the grunge. MAXAM returns to their grungy rock roots in “Love Blood,” and it really is the perfect title for this high-strong anthem. Each beat holds both passion and grittiness that seems like a perfect mixture of love and blood. Try to jam this track without jumping on the counter and busting out in your air guitar…I dare you.

Finally, the EP fades out with a soft yet rhythmic anthem, “All You Are.” The track opens with easy guitar chords that slowly transcend to a beautiful mix of drum beats, stronger guitar chords and mellow lyrics. The beat stays relatively repetitive throughout the whole song, but it still seems to take you on a journey of several feelings– It holds the intimacy of a 2 a.m. basement concert, yet it creates a sense of ease like you are laying on the beach watching the sun go down with a soft serenade in the background. Overall, it is a truly beautiful track.

We obviously can’t get enough of MAXAM and their new EP. The artistic and musical beauty of this project is exactly what Austin’s music scene is all about and it’s something all Austinite music-lovers should experience. Two thumbs up, no doubt!