EP Review: Gasoline Boots “Fight For Peace”

I think we can all agree that there is something incredibly authentic about a good rock ‘n’ roll anthem. Lucky for us, Austin’s music scene is drenched with talented musicians creating epic rock tunes and spicing ATX one track at a time. Four-piece blues-rock band Gasoline Boots is a strong example–the band carries such vivacious energy that makes it hard not to passionately vibe along with them.

The band’s intense guitar twangs paired with drum beats and bluesy piano chords create a one-of-a-kind sound that adds a special zest to Austin’s rock ‘n’ roll scene. 

The band recently released the EP “Fight For Peace” and we can’t get enough of it. This five-track EP elevates from soft blues rock to high-strong rock ‘n’ roll, and you can’t help but become immersed in the musical journey from one song to the next.

The EP commences with soft bluesy guitar chords in the opening track, “Ashtray.” Once they set a gloomy soulful mood, the somber lyrics “It’s not a sunny feeling / When she’s gone” creep in to confirm the song’s nostalgia and sadness. You find yourself vibing to this track with your eyes closed, mouth open and body swaying, feeling the soulful blues with every lyric. Talk about being in the feels (in the best way possible).

The next track, “Devil in Him,” eludes a more rugged vibe. It opens with high-strong electric guitar chords and a gritty beat. About a minute of instrumentals sets up the rock ‘n’ roll passion before the lyrics begin. The lengthy and climactic intro is comparable to Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out,” and sets up for a killer track. Well done, boys.

The EP arrives at its halfway high point with the title track “Fight for Peace.” The track opens with a catchy electric guitar solo that will most definitely make you whip out your air guitar and shred. The lyrics tell the story of a fight for peace with phrases like “fire in the night” and “I’m gonna compromise when I see you.”

The final two songs, “Hey Child” and “Neon Eyes” keep the energy high for a strong rock ‘n’ roll finish. Both tracks use subtly bluesy guitar intros to create an alluring beat that drives the rest of the song. The ending instrumental in “Neon Eyes” is a beautiful finale to the EP and you can almost hear the crowd yelling “Encore! Encore!” as the sound fades out. Overall, “Fight for Peace” is another home run for the Gasoline Boots!


Photo courtesy of Facebook