Discovering the next music startups


Startups are one of the best ways communities can put tech, entrepreneurship, and art together to create something that will help local musicians. Today, many musicians struggle to make money on the road, or even in their local community. It is difficult for them to make money while also pursuing their passion. It is also hard for local artists around the world to gain the exposure boost they need.

Taking the initiative

TipCow is a startup based in Austin founded by CEO, Chris Bush.Through Tipcow, Bush has made it easier for patrons to tip artists at their shows. Simply download the app, and start tipping artists by credit card or PayPal. In a recent interview with Bush, he said “the two hottest needs right now are in licensing/distribution, and the in-home live music consumption experience. You’re going to see a lot of block-chain focused takes on music licensing and distribution in the near future, as well as live streaming companies focused on social, traditional video and VR tech.” So, could the next music startups in the future be something revolved around home entertainment and VR tech? After all, VR is becoming increasingly popular. The one thing tech music startups may have trouble with is “staying afloat,” since there is not much money to be made for music startups, as Bush noted.

DISCOVERING the future of startups

Just how everything must run its course or has its cycle, startups have those cycles as well. And, of course, all cycles come to an end. In 2007, we were graced with streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and other streaming services that made it easier to access new music. But, Dave Haynes, who is on the investment team at Seedcamp, mentioned that “we are now seeing the end of that cycle…It feels like it’s the end of an era.” Further begging the question, what will be next? More importantly, how will what’s next change the music industry as we know it today?