Snapchat’s effect on artists and musicians

The 1975 in Houston, Texas

Snapchat has become a key player in many artists’ approach to sharing their music. Using the social media site, these artists give the world a chance to experience their music before it’s even out. Snapchat users and music listeners, with the help of their friends, get to experience a subtle taste of an album through the app that spreads the word of new music. Now, this new role Snapchat is playing is having a huge effect on the music industry.

Applying filters to gain an audience

Even Snapchat filters are allowing users to become part of the music they listen to, letting them create a personal world of music within their bubble of friends by acting out or playing a 10 second clip of a song. Some people may not think that this has a great impact on the music industry, but, in hindsight, it does. These filters create an intimate way for musicians to connect with their fans.

What’s more, artists have now resorted to putting their music out on Snapchat before the initial release dates to get listeners “hyped.” As a result, as soon as new music is released, this little Snapchat taste has listeners around the world ready to buy, stream, and download the content immediately.

Received numerical values

In an article from Mashable, writer Kerry Flynn states that some artists are embracing Snapchat to bring new music to their fans. Ed Sheeran is one of those artists who “wanted his fans to experience the first true listen of his new music.” With Snapchat, people can listen to the first 30 seconds of a new song from Sheeran, and even act out a concert.

Now, Snapchat has turned into a media outlet that can increase an artist’s growth dramatically. In a one month span, Flynn states, a few songs played on the app have gone “from 1.1 million to 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify.”

Although Snapchat seems to have just surfaced recently, it is now more popular than Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media sites, according to convince&convert writer Jay Baer. He states the percent of Americans who use Snapchat has gone up from 17% in 2015 to 23% in 2016. These numbers are expected to grow greater in coming years, especially now that Snapchat is a critical part of the music industry.

In fact, every day there are an average of 2.5 billion snaps posted to Snapchat. It is crazy to imagine just how much music is being promoted through these snaps, and how many viewers are exposed to them.

Taking action in your local scene

In a discussion with Josh Mills, a musician from local Austin darkwave act Missions, a welcoming approach was taken to Snapchat’s influence on the industry, with Mills saying “Maybe their track is playing in the background, and if anything, it’s a good way to see music being written. Artist[s] don’t have to directly preview music [but] maybe they just can show themselves jamming or writing.”

If you go to any show, whether it is local or not, regardless of whether it is at Mohawk or Sidewinder, you will see numerous people recording the performance using Snapchat. And at these shows, you will see Snapchat’s effect on the music industry in action.

Featured Image courtesy of Miranda Chavez.