OV Recommends: ‘Escape’ by Lantic

Lone, isolated synths.

Brooding guitar picks.

A muted, tortured voice…

And that’s just the first forty-five seconds.

Similar to the debut work of The xx, “Escape” places us in a monochromatic world where yellow flashes fight to illuminate the surroundings. As lead vocalist Ryan Jurovic croons to a lost love, “Reach out in my life / Reach out for days,” we know this won’t be a story with a happy ending, but we’ll journey with it to the end.

With layered electronics, slicing guitars, booming drums and enveloping vocals, all the best talents of the Austin, TX-based group come together here. And though different, all share a common final goal, the name of which is not uttered once throughout the song: Escape.

Listen below:


(Image courtesy of Lantic)