Keynote of the week: Cowboy Diplomacy

cowboy diplomacy

My favorite SoCo Hotel valet boy greets me as I hurriedly step out of my car for my next meeting. They know it’s me because I drive the same dusty SUV with Texas music plates around to them nearly every day and I probably look like a mad woman who parks there four times a day. Then I see Ian Cochran–he’s the only reason why I’m always on-time to any of my meetings rather than driving around trying to find parking on South Congress. And my favorite part about him? No, not his full beard or Austin-y man bun–though I do like, I do! It’s the fact that when I don’t see him at the South Congress Hotel, I can see him after work hours at HandleBar with his cowboy rock band.

Meet the millennial southern gents who do modern cowboy rock right

I practically live at the South Congress Hotel. Whether you want to grab a drink with friends, set up a business meeting in the cozy hotel lobby, or eat anything from breakfast to dinner, the SoCo Hotel has a lot to offer. My girl friends and I like to joke that the denim-vested valet boys are the best part of the hotel, though it’s no joke. Ian’s band, Cowboy Diplomacy, sets it on fire.

I was thrilled to be invited to their music video release party at Cherry Cola Dog on the east side. Not only was the space perfect for an intimate show, it was a nice touch to have it be featured in their new music video for “Follow Me.”

Cherry Cola Dog welcomed us with urban art hung up on the walls and a cozy fire pit outside surrounded by wooden chairs and a large 1970s truck (that also guest starred in the video). The band welcomed us with warmth, too. The guys in Cowboy Diplomacy were immaculately dressed in modern southern attire. Ian’s vocal quality was a smooth yet bracing as whiskey. Zac Walden’s passion on lead guitar was exactly what I had needed that night; he brought a certain handsome charm to his guitar that was extraordinarily unique. On percussions and bass, Matt Leslie and Brad Bentley brought every beat to life.

Check out Cowboy Diplomacy here and take a peep at their new music video here.