Weekly Staff Picks: Hot chocolate & wine

In a couple of recent studies, it was shown that music can affect the way we experience the flavor and texture of chocolate and wine. With wine, the characteristics of the music were often reflected in the wine itself. Subtle music resulted in subtle-tasting wine, heavy music resulted in a more powerful wine taste, and so on and so forth, regardless of the wine being red or white.

Similarly, in the tests with chocolate, smoother music caused a creamier chocolate texture, while rough music resulted in a less creamy texture, essentially effecting it the in the same way as the wine.

To test this out at home, we’ve put together a playlist ranging from the soft and dreamy “Orion” by Bee Caves to Boyfrndz‘ signature loud, experimental rock, and everything in between to hit all the right nerves whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine or sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.