OV Recommends: Upper Reality

Electro-soul artist Upper Reality (UR) recently released her new EP “Silver” and its soulful authenticity is pure bliss.

UR’s music holds the integrity of southern soul while integrating a twist of futuristic electronic beats that adds a refreshing element to Austin’s R&B music scene. She first emerged in the local music scene at the ripe age of 19 in collaboration with local hip-hop collective group Hermit Kingdom, who she still works with today.

UR’s musical inspiration is drawn from a variety of genres including R&B sensations Solange and Madlib and classic rock band The Doors. Her music combines mellow R&B beats with sultry lyrics to create a velvety yet strengthening sound.

In her latest EP “Silver,” she beautifully crafts her unique electro-soul style, creating spirit-lifting anthems that both tell a story and enchant the listener each track at a time. UR says she writes songs to “speak [her] soul’s conundrums and remind people we’re not alone out here.” We definitely felt the essence of this throughout the EP with inspirational anthems reminding us that different is beautiful and that we should embrace this instead of conforming to society’s expectations.

UR expands on this saying, “I’m declaring that my train won’t stop just because people don’t wanna get on it. And I like being surrounded by people who feel the same way about their respective passions because it creates unity and strength, so I feel like I’ll attract what I put out.” Now this is what music is all about.

This essence is seen most clearly in the track “Why I Still Make Music.” UR’s soft voice fuses with sporadic tone shifts that add an eclectic vibe to the song, and it ends with a chant, “the power is in me,” that leaves a trace of mental clarity as the EP fades in to the next captivating track.

UR continues to season Austin’s music scene with her unique modern-day twist of electro-soul and classic R&B. Not many artists can capture and transform classic genres into a style of their own, but UR hits it out of the park. If her future projects are anything like “Silver,” then we sure are in for a treat.

(Photo Courtesy of Facebook)