One2One Fest emerges as Austin’s most diverse underground showcase

Austin is revered worldwide for it’s constant support and celebration of the art of music. Festivals like ACL, Euphoria and SXSW are the most obvious testament to the cities infatuation with live music and creation as a movement. Fortunately, these high profile music and arts festivals are only the tip of the iceberg in the city of weird. The more “established” collectives and aesthetic trailblazers, who reign at the top of the visionary hierarchy, possess an influence that kindly trickles down into the spirits of the millennial generation. With a firm understanding of the future and a dream of a brighter tomorrow, Austin’s Gen Y is manifesting innovation, inspiration and intellectuality into an artistic revolution. Despite battling a seemingly never ending “quarter life crisis,” Austin’s initiative youth is witnessing a major spike in success and recognition. This past Sunday (Dec. 4) at Scratchhouse, five young, local, creative collectives collaborated in efforts to shine a light on over 40 undiscovered musicians in the presence of already-established artists. The unification of Brodies Fault, New Waves, Weird City Entertainment, On Vinyl Music and Ben “McNasty” Buck resulted in an eclectic, groovy, 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. get down–One2One Fest.


Although festivals like SXSW and West Campus Block Party have a righteous mission of illuminating unrecognized music in Austin, One2One fest tunneled into the earth’s mantle to curate a lineup deeply and authentically rooted in the underground arts scene. Despite mother nature working against the event, with consistent drizzle and temperatures in the forties, the turnout was nothing short of stunning. The demographic ranged from swanky hipsters to steezy sneaker heads, all of whom let go of their inhibitions to melt into a triathlon of boogie and bump.


The festival was initiated by local improv comedians starting at noon. Their absolutely inappropriate sense of humor warmed up the early birds as they expelled laughter and spirit sipping their $5 mimosas. The first few hours were slow, cold and unpredictable but, the heat from each individual artist attracted the cities most curious consumers, resulting in a mass production of good times. Headliners of the evening included the hip-hop sibling trio, The Bishops, a charismatic rap presence from Kenny Gee, and a future funk solo DJ set from Resonant Frequency‘s Diamond Cuts. Smaller dominating acts included Austin’s rock trio Tequila Mockingbird; indie rock princess, Cailey Collinsworth; the highly anticipated return of the original Heye Minds rap collective.


Although minor issues with sound occurred on the inside stage, affected artists handled the set back with grace and swag, maintaining the well blended aura while keeping the crowd focused and hyped. Coming into a sticky situation, one member of the lineup, M-Cubed, affiliated with the world-wide recognized Night Owl Collective, stepped up and recharged the crowd after a tiff in the audience broke out. Mike (M-Cubed) was asked to start his set an hour early on top of extending it fifteen minutes longer than anticipated. With the crowd fizzling post-altercation, Mike took the stage with a smile on his face producing all original songs, beats and drops. The impressive technicality behind his music dazzled the late night crowd serving as a scrappy adhesive for a minor blemish in the night.


One2One Fest was a successful, classy affair appropriately spiked with swing and grime. The collectives involved in the event production are fervently analyzing feedback from attendees and artists alike to ensure a leveled up, sophomore One2One Fest.