Fuss Ricket releases new experimental pop music video

Fuss Ricket released a new music video which was aired first time Saturday, Nov. 26 at The Blackheart.

The band includes Tyler Cochran  on lead instrumentals and vocals, Blake Pankonien  on Bass and Austin Hegarty taking on drums and a production role. According to director Ben Snyder, the video was inspired by music videos from the early 2000s that “utilize a blend live action superimposed into a 3D environment with animated 2D elements.” The outcome rocks– the atmospherics undoubtedly adds to the experimental pop sound of Fuss Ricket. The music video is a visual re-imagining of the song– it’s ambitious while still remaining sincere. The way that this music video is able to incorporate virtual-reality to tell a unique love story reminds me of certain parts of short film TV on the Radio released, Nine Types of Light, back in 2011.

Snyder describes the plot as, “where the main character is chasing his desire, the girl in the jungle, who ultimately tempts him to a goddess-queen to meet his fate.”

You’ll also notice towards the end of the video where the woman, dressed as a goddess, raises her hands that are filled with necklaces, before she jumps from the cliff. This is not random. Snyder wanted to incorporated the stage design of the band’s look and style with  Cochran’s custom made jewelry line Via Christa, which was awarded critics pick “Best Jewelry for City Witches” by the Austin Chronicle 2016. The video was filmed locally here in Austin and produced by frontman Tyler Cochran.