Raw and unapologetic, OV recommends: Spray Paint

Spray Paint can create momentum in a song the same way the Tinman comes clanging into life in the Wizard of Oz, just pour a little oil down their throats and they won’t shut up.

In all seriousness, Spray Paint’s minimalist post-punk sound is unruly, but also the trio’s ability to efficiently utilize both instruments and vocals gives them a certain edge in the neo-punk movement.

The band is composed of Cory Plump on guitar/vocals, George Dishner on guitar/vocals and Chris Stephenson on the drums.The trio started up in late 2011 but things got more serious in early 2012 when they nabbed their first record deal. They’ve only been gaining momentum since, touring with Protomartyr, and appearing at Chaos in Tejas, Fun Fun Fun Fest and Goner Records Fest.

Here’s a taste of what these guys can bring, with the music video for their song “Nose Whiskey”:

The band graciously answered a few questions about their origins, favorite spots to play and how being in Austin has (and hasn’t) influenced their music.

OV: When Spray Paint first came into being, were you thrown into the deep end or did you guys ease into it?

SP: We started about 5 years ago when the three of us stayed behind at practice for the band we all played in When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth and wrote some songs meant for that band (sorta) and decided to make those first few songs a new band.

OV: How do you think being from Austin has influenced your music, lyrically or otherwise?

SP:  We could be from anywhere. Existing in Austin is a coincidence. Obviously bands like Scratch Acid and the Butthole Surfers have affected us. We are a guitar band but our favorite bands in Austin are usually synth/electronic/noise repetition. Lyrically, we dwell on conversations from around the globe.

OV: Favorite local venue to play at?

SP: Our practice space at Hotel Vegas, Beerland, Mohawk,  Barracuda and Sidewinder.

OV: Who do you think your music speaks to the loudest?

SP: Weirdo kids and record nerds and people who love Mark E. Smith and Ben Wallers and Glenn Branca.

OV: If Spray Paint had a mantra, what would it would be?

SP: Fewer notes/parts… and “who cares.”

They’ll be playing December 8th at Hotel Vegas with SOFT HEALER, Jt Whitfield and Dope Dungeon if you care to see them live.