BUHU releases bold music video for single “Youth Is Breaking”

One of Austin’s most notable integral rock outfits, BUHU, just unleashed a gorgeously gritty music video for their single “Youth Is Breaking.” The single was originally released by Glide Magazine in January as a preview to their well-received debut LP, Relationshapes. A striking track, “Youth Is Breaking” is a a combination of rock ‘n roll’s best sub-genres, with hints of electronic rebellion.

BUHU possesses an outstanding resonance–imagine “shoegaze” dropping good acid and recounting the influence of classic rock. Simultaneously, the band’s musical fluidity is showcased in their occasional, rare 80s and 90s inspired synth-rock DJ set. BUHU (seemingly) effortlessly embodies the very nature of development in modern rock music.

“Youth Is Breaking,” is far from mild. Its lasting influence is resounding; the track is relatable while maintaining an appropriate sense of discomfort. Jeremy Rogers, the band’s lead vocals, carries an incredibly distinct roar– easily paralleled to the oddly satisfying, AM-radio-voice of Damon Albarn of Gorillaz. While BUHU’s music is consistently outstanding, the release of their latest music video is an obvious capitalization of their already established success.

The music video is simple, yet impressively rogue. There is partying, hood wearing, garment shedding and a couple of couples making out in risqué fashion.

In an interview with Glide Magazine, Rogers gave readers insight to the track’s mantra:

“’Youth Is Breaking’ was originally inspired by surf culture but focuses more on the confusion that an irresponsible late 20-something may feel when confronted with the realities of getting older while the culture remains the same age,” Rogers said. “Growing pains and toxic relationships are among the strongest sentiments at the center of this song.”

Although you can justly stream the track at a party, its virtues are rooted in a place more righteous than its hype surface. Moreover, the video is intellectually erotic, with fleeting frames of typical youth disobedience. Its attention to detail is finely tuned as a network of various, up-close headshots showcase different human expressions–mostly angst. Most notably, the constant in the video is powerful–a depiction of a dismantled, bleeding young man (played by Rogers) in a wrecked car. BUHU took an unorthodox approach toward the video’s character development. Instead of leading its viewer to believe the violent wreck was tragic, Rogers, at the epicenter of the collision, instead smokes a cigarette and sings the song’s lyrics with an unfettered swagger.

This principled, visual representation of “Youth Is Breaking” is a touching metaphor for youth plight. The video is the final facet to the release of Relationshapes, and does not come up short. On Vinyl, alongside Austin’s entire creative community, expects cosmic achievements from BUHU in the near future.