Weekly Staff Picks: Cheers!

My friends,
Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and even though election season may have some of us devastated and distraught, perhaps we should all focus on the more positive things that we’re thankful for.
In the past year, I’m grateful, first and foremost, for the support my family has given me this year. Without the love of my parents and sister, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.
I’m grateful for my friends for being okay people (lol jk, they’re phenomenal). Without their friendship and tolerance of my constant work habits, weekly brunches, late dinners, and movie nights would not be the same.
And, I’m in debt to the people, past and present, who have helped me through my journey with On Vinyl Music. In the past year, we have published nearly 400 articles in support of local music in Austin and have covered over 1,500 venues, musicians, music-related businesses, and non-profit organizations. We have been invited to cover 13 music festivals in the last year. We have spent an immense amount of time building our web-based music service and could not have gotten to this point at which we’re at without the support of our friends and connections we’ve built in the music industry. 
Thank you to our partners and supporters, mentors and advisors, and thank you to our faithful local readership. I’ve crafted a personal playlist of 10 of my favorite Austin artists from heavy-hitters in the rock ‘n’ roll scene like White Denim and Black Pistol Fire to groove kings Henry + the Invisibles and Resonant Frequency. Also featured: my talented friends in Fair City Fire, Keeper, That Girl Dre, my all-time favorite group Wild Child, the brass knights of Austin Interrobang Brass, and the hard hitters at Hooka Hey. Here’s to you!

There’s a lot to be thankful for. The sun has come out today after a week of being hidden behind some really thick clouds. Take life 10 seconds at a time and celebrate another day in which you get to spend with the people that love you.


With the kindest respect,
Nat Phan
Grand Poobah