Month: November 2016

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Political drama continues: Music infringement cases raising concerns

Campaign teams spend countless hours searching for the perfect inspirational anthem to place in the background of a smiling candidate’s face to win over votes of the American people. Some artists this part year were not too happy about their material being used in a illegal way, and they raised hell. As if the election year hasn’t been filled with enough drama so far, several music copyright infringement cases in politics are stirring up the scene. Let’s go ahead trace the musical drama of three prominent political figures this past year.

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TipCow CEO Chris Bush on the rise of live streaming, artist donations

Live streaming seems to be taking over the media. From Snapchat to Facebook live, artists are able to connect with fans face-to-face for a live in-concert experience by the simplicity of their smart phone. In response, fans are becoming more willing to give donations to their favorite artists, especially if artists reach out and actually ask fans to help them out.

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OV Recommends: Three best tools to make music in your browser

With the huge expansion of different ways to release music online, it’s only natural that there would be just as many new ways to make music online. Applications like GarageBand and Audacity have always been popular options for those who can’t afford to shell out on a full music creation program, but even those can be too complex for someone just wanting to make a quick beat or simply enjoy experimenting with music without the trouble of installing an application. Here are three of our favorite online music creation tools, available straight from your browser.

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The artist’s guide to successfully using CD Baby

The journey of music from independent musicians to consumers is often a long, windy road full of obstacles and expensive promoting. With more than 130 million people paying for streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music and PandoraCD Baby offers great leverage for Indie artists to get their music to these platforms easily and affordably. So, what makes CD Baby different than other music distribution companies? And what is the key to leveraging this platform to the artist’s advantage? Well, let’s find out.

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C3 Presents in talks to co-produce Levitation; what this could mean for the festival

Levitation Fest, Austin’s premiere psychedelic music festival, might be going through some changes in 2017. Local booking company C3 Presents, known for promoting Austin City Limits, is reportedly in talks to co-produce Levitation this coming year, but how much of an effect it will have on the festival remains to be seen.