OV Recommends: RF Shannon

American music has been heavily centered around blues and rock for quite some time, and emerging Austin musicians are constantly solidifying the fact that there is something incredibly unique and inspiring about a good bluesy tune. RF Shannon is one of these brilliant modern artists.

RF Shannon‘s music is the brilliant result of a musical project by Shane Refro and collaborators: Jeff Renfro, Austin Burge, Luke Dawson, Nathan Dixey and Jesse Woods. The realms of desert blues coalesce with indie, rock and even country to create an incredibly unique artist. His voice has the sultriness of Hozier but possesses a relaxing twang that is one-of-a-kind. At the same time, velvety guitar chords drive the alluring instrumentals comparable to Iron and Wine and Ben Howard.

The group’s first recording “Hunting Songs” was meant to be a demo, but after circulation by Punctum Records and immense fan feedback, they continued on their musical journey. They are returning with the release of EP Other Trails on Oct. 21st via Keeled Scales, and they just released a stunning music video for the lead single “Had a Revelation” which encompasses his genre-fusing style.

The video captures nostalgic vibes of good ol’ American country with a wistful bluesy vibe that is nothing less than enchanting. The video opens with lead vocalist Shane Refro gazing into a blurry forest (perhaps it is here he is having his revelation), adding a mysterious vibe that quickly shifts to a raucous of blinking lights at a busy nighttime bar scene. The twangy guitar chords and up-to-no-good nighttime setting gives off a rebellious cowboy impression, but Shannon doesn’t restrict the song to just country elements–subtle electric guitar synths ride the drum beats in the background to add a vigorous bluesy sound that melds into the indie-rock realm.

It’s easy to get lost in your own imagination while listening to his tracks; you can picture yourself approaching a desert oasis with a mesmerizing sunset ahead of you while his voice guides you to the horizon with every tone.

Want to witness the enchantment for yourself? Check out the video right here:

(Photo Courtesy of RF Shannon Facebook page)