Lucky Lounge hosts an epic night for Austin music this Friday

Music-lovers everywhere will agree that an ideal Friday night includes an array of rhythmic guitar synths and drum beats pulsing good vibes through your body–am I right? If so, Austinites, make your way to the Lucky Lounge this Friday, Oct. 21st at 6 p.m. for a must-see musical experience–it’s going to be local music at its finest.

Austin-based soul and funk band Shakedown Mountain is performing along with a stellar lineup of other local artists including: indie band Colin Colby and the Counter Culture(CCATCC), singer-pianist Johnny Holden and rock band ElectricSoul.

The show’s headliner, Shakedown Mountain, is a group composed of several talented artists hand-picked by Nathan Shimek. Catchy guitar chords over subtle drum beats and soulful lyrics create versatile rock ‘n roll tunes that are even a bit jazzy at times–you can imagine yourself strolling down Bourbon Street in the midst of a jazz-funk showdown. The band is currently playing Glow in the Sun’s “Stuck on the Tracks,” but has been working on plenty of new material that we are stoked to see live on Friday.

Eight-piece Indie band, CCATCC, is slowing down the vibe while still keeping the musical energy strong. Soft and rhythmic drum clusters drive the beat while sporadic guitar twangs add a sense of country that exudes an all-American feel. According to lead vocalist, Colin Colby, the band’s genre-fusing style derives from heavy influences byBob Dylan(of course) and also Neutral Milk Hotel, Neil Young, and Roger Miller. Colby adds that having an eight-piece band means inherently that you are juggling a lot of different influences and styles, and attempting to contain them all inside one cohesive sound and style.” The diverse musical style within the group adds an authentic chemistry that radiates into the crowd for an amazing live show.

Singer-pianist Johnny Holden will also be a show-stopping performer on Friday. Holden’s unique array of synthesized piano brings a modern vibe into the beautiful sounds of classic piano. His eccentric performances involve wearing a pink superhero-type mask and adding a theatrical twist–talk about keeping Austin weird.

Alternative band, ElectricSoul, is sure to keep the psychedelic vibes strong throughout the night with a number of high-energy metallic jams. The band, much like rock sensations Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, use tons of rock riffs, runs and solos to create some epic anthems.

The event is only a couple days away, so clear your schedules and get ready for a musical blowout! Leave your inhibitions at home and make your way to the Lucky Lounge this Friday Oct. 21st and check out the Facebook event page for more details.

(Photo Courtesy of Facebook)