An enlightening evening on Jazz at Mozarts coffee roasters

Jazz music has been an iconic genre of sound since the late 1800’s. Jazz, in all of its forms, has been an epicenter in many major cultural movements and revolutions. Although jazz is not as prominent in today’s take on music, successful, modern musicians use its influence to create swing, groove and funk in their tracks. Contemporary electronic artist GRiZ combines the reverberation of brass instruments with heavy digital beats and drops, to cultivate the sound that is currently defining the future of EDM. Simply put, the leverage that jazz holds in the music community is resounding.

Austin based jazz three-some, simply called The Botolph Jazz Trio is playing a show for an inspirited, illuminating social gathering at Mozarts Coffee Roasters. The event is a discussion and keynote led by author Jason Bivins, a prominent religious historian, who will be discussing material from his most recent book “Spirits Rejoice: Jazz and American Religion,” which details Jazz’s impact on American’s religious landscape.

Bivins is expected to shed a light on the spirit of jazz in regards to the human spirit. Alongside Bivins, will be the brilliant resonance of The Botolph Jazz Trio. The trio plays mostly bebop jazz. Bebop is beautifully swung; it is a possessive style of brass music–sexy, syrupy, poppy, parallel-able to the sounds of burlesque. The Botolph Jazz Trio is the very essence of spirit, deeming the perfect fit for the gathering.

Mozarts Coffee Roasters is a docked coffee shop that gracefully peers just over the shore of Lake Austin at, 3825 Lake Austin Blvd. The event will be held on October 6 (this Thursday) and starts at 8 P.M and will extend until 10 P.M. The anticipation is high, as jazz and spiritual enthusiasts prepare to find a deep sense of enlightenment in an eclectic, electric evening.