OV Recommends: Five best music discovery tools

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from hearing a “new song” on the radio or at a concert that you’ve already been listening to for months. It’s exciting to be able to introduce a new artist to your friends and then getting to see that artist build their career, knowing that you supported them first. But creating a new playlist on Spotify or finding an inspiring new artist can be difficult. Sometimes visiting the “Release Radar” on Spotify or searching local dive bars for the newest music just doesn’t cut it. At OV, we’ve curated a list of five of our favorite music discovery tools, and they are all free to access! 


Note logoDesigned for social music discovery; this app provides an Instagram-esque newsfeed of music shared by you and your friends. Access music to share via the app’s connection to Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music. What we love about it is that it is interactive and “smart.” Noted tracks your activity (posts that you like or repost) in order to feature music on your feed that is in line with your taste. The sleek and easy to use app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play.


OV is a strong supporter of programs and initiatives that lead to artist’s making money for their work. In the age of streaming, music is accessible with little incentive to financially support the artist. Tradiio is changing the game by giving users the option to “subscribe” to artists for as little as $3.00 a month and receive early releases, sneak peaks of videos or photo shoots, or whatever the artist chooses to feature. It’s not required, however, to pay in order to keep up with an artist. You can also use the “follow” option to feature music in your feed and keep up with releases, which means that this site isn’t just for those of us with an extra few bucks to give per month. Tradiio gives consumers the option to connect with artists in a more personal light and support them financially, while still providing new music to all. A brilliant way to find fresh tunes, up-and-coming musicians and a simple outlet for telling an artist that you love what they are doing.

A Song A Day

song a day logo

This tool is just what it says: a song emailed to you every day! The best part? It’s not just any random song (unless that’s the option you choose); the songs are specially selected by actual humans who make selections based on your interests. Just select the genres you like, and then choose from a list of curators who fit your style. That’s all! This is an easy fix for those who just don’t have time to seek out a new song or artist every day. Let the music come to you instead.


This app could be compared to Noted, but there are a few unique features. Cymbal is a music feed that allows you to follow friends, artists or hashtags. Once you develop a news feed from people you follow, there is no need to scroll through and select each song. You can simply click the “play feed” button and Cymbal will cue up your newsfeed for playback. Users can comment on posts and can create their own posts using music from Soundcloud, Apple Music or Spotify. Another well designed music sharing app that aims to connect people who love to talk about music. Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Magic Playlist

Magic Playlist is perfect for when you hear a new artist and want to discover anything that ever sounded like them. Comparable to Pandora Radio, but with a bit more advanced curating. Simply visit the Magic Playlist website, type in an artist or song that you love, and you are presented with a brand new playlist of similar music. Don’t worry about toggling back and forth between your Spotify and the list either, just title the playlist and save it directly to you Spotify for easy access and immediate listening pleasure!

Whether you want to socialize through music or just need a new track every now and then, these five resources are guaranteed to provide a unique and fun outlet to the tunes you crave. Let us know which one(s) you like best!

Photo courtesy of All Noise.