The Selfless Lovers Hosting Release Party for their first EP “Glad To Be Here”

In honor of their first EP release “Glad To Be Here,” The Selfless Lovers are hosting an epic release party at The Blackheart this Saturday (Sept. 24) presented by Solstice Presents.

When you combine the rasp of Janice Joplin, the soul of Otis Redding and the passion of The Rolling Stones, you get The Selfless Lovers. The band fuses upbeat piano chords and jazzy vocals into a smooth yet riveting funk mix. In their track “Glad to be here,” an orchestrated jive of jazzy piano overlapped with saxophone and drum beats elude a Cajun vibe that makes you you feel like you are walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans passing a live jazz band. 

The event will also feature an aggregation of stellar Austin bands: Jack Ferrara, The Yoots, Fancy Pants and Arielle Laguette. With a lineup saturated in Austin’s authentic musical culture, you can expect a plethora of upbeat funk mixed with smooth indie jazz and a jovial yet laid back vibe.   

Jack Ferrara’s slow-and-heavy indie rock tracks will put you in a somber yet lifted musical trance. His voice in track “Emotional Masochist”  gives heed to feelings of sadness as well as a feeling of safety and certainty; he welcomes a melancholy mood while keeping the integrity of the music high. The elongated smooth acoustics complement Ferrara’s sultry voice and make you feel a sense of safety and acceptance of every inner feeling of sadness that surfaces.

Five-piece indie rock Austin-based band, The Yoots, are also expected to light up the stage. Rustic chords from the electric guitar and passionate vocals drive the band’s funky old school rock-n-roll sound in their track “Pappa Was a Hard Worker,” while “Slow N Low” is toned down with more refined chords and slower beats speckled with tones of Johnny Cash.

Electro-dance band, Fancy Pants, makes you want to ditch your inhibitions of fancy pants and throw on your party pants instead to hit the dance floor! The band remixes Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” into an unconventional and danceable melody, “Touch,” that eludes an overwhelming urge to move with the groove.

Jazz-folk artist Arielle Laguette will induce you into a musical trance with her soothing oceanside voice. Her raspy voice inherits a sense of purity that can be compared to a modern-day Patsy Cline. Laguette’s EP release back in January perfectly captures her mesmerizing vocals and ability to soothe with her voice. “Caution By The Seaside” gives off a totally folksy and relaxed vibe with soft acoustics and lingering drum beats topped off with her sweet voice.

This lineup of groove and spunk is a must-see show that really encompasses Austin’s live music scene as a whole and we encourage everyone to join the good vibes… and FOR FREE! See the Facebook event for more details. See you Saturday, music-lovers!

(Photo Courtesy: The Selfless Lovers Facebook Page)