Sidewinder celebrates Fall and its one-year-anniversary with a killer weekend festival

Today Sidewinder will kick off the weekend with a jam-packed music festival to celebrate their one year anniversary. Located on Red River, the venue is doing everything in their power to preserve the authenticity of the district, providing a constant stream of cheap beer and awesome live music. Considering that Sidewinder was founded by local musicians and club owners, it’s no surprise that the venue’s one year anniversary will be celebrated with some of the cities finest local talent.

This entire weekend (September 22 to 25), Sidewinder, in conjunction with Sound on Sound Fest and Margin Walker Presents, will be hosting the music festival on both their indoor and outdoor stages.

The weekend will feature performances from Madball, Power Trip, Cattle Decapitation, Weak Flesh, Cortége, Capyac, Ishi, Cymbals Eat Guitars and Field Mouse.Check the specifics of each band below!

Madball is a hardcore metal band formed in 1988 and based out of New York City. The band originally emerged as a side project from Agnostic Front, but since then has taken off with their successes with this band, known across the country as a top-notch hardcore punk band.

Power Trip is a thrashy, speedy metal band from Dallas, Texas. Late 80’s, hardcore punk–just how we like it.

Cattle Decapitation is death metal at it’s finest. This San Diego quartet takes their craft very seriously, and it is certainly reflective in their music.

Weak Flesh, which started up in 2015 here in Austin, is actually a band composed of a bunch of ex-members of other bands. These guys are a raging good time.

Cortège is also from right here in Austin, Texas. The duo produces heavy, psychedelic tunes of “sonic destruction”. To hear them live is bound to be one hell of an event.

Capyac is seriously slick. On their Facebook page, their describe their genre as “Balloonwave” and surprisingly enough I can see it. If you’re in the mood for some surreal dance music, I’d definitely recommend checking these guys out.

Ishi, a high-energy electronic band hailing from Dallas, will be releasing their new EP during the festivities (with a vinyl release party Saturday evening). These guys have been named “The Best Electronic Band” in the Dallas Observer Music Awards for the last 5 years, so definitely an act to check out.

Cymbals Eat Guitars, which sound a lot like The Velvet Underground, will also be included in the lineup, promoting their new track “Pretty Years” which was just released September 16.

Field Mouse, a dream-pop trio from New York, have been causing waves in the music industry since their genesis back in 2010.

As stated on the venue’s Facebook page, here’s a rundown of the weekend’s schedule:

— Thursday, September 22th —
Madball + Power Trip

Dick Stusso

— Friday, September 23th —
Cattle Decapitation + Weak Flesh + BLK OPS

Cortége + Curses + Canyon of the Skull

— Saturday, September 24th —
Capyac + Ishi (EP release) + HONOR SYSTEM

Bravo Zulu | at Midnight, Free

— Sunday, September 25th —
Cymbals Eat Guitars + Field Mouse + Wildhoney

You can purchase your tickets here for each individual event. It’s something I’d definitely recommend checking out, whether you want to go for one day or the entire weekend.