Casual Strangers drop Sci-Fi inspired short film:”Turing Test”

Last month, atmospheric rock quartet Casual Strangers released a new short film titled “Turing Test.” Hailing from Austin, the band describes their sound as ‘cosmic sludge.’ Their experimental take on rock melds with electronic music, and the band’s synth-laced sound  has already caught fire in the music community here in Austin.The video artfully renders their version of the Turing test–a method developed by Alan Turning in 1950 to determine whether or not a computer is capable of thinking like a human. Their DIY short depicts what appears to be a woman android’s awakening and transformation to god of her own universe.

Check it out below:

The seven minute clip mixes organic and science fiction elements to produce a meditative centrifuge of sounds and colors. Even without words, the message of the song is profound—touching on the limits of scientific inquiry, the distinction between man and machine and our own self awareness as humans.

According to the Austin Chronicle, this is a directorial debut for Casual Strangers’ keyboardist Jaylinn Davidson. Her bandmates, Paul Waclawsky and Katey Gunn, had recorded their own version of the  track without her input, and so this is her own version of the song. Davidson shot the entire video on an iPhone 6 with the app Filmic Pro, taking over 200 hours to complete.