OV Recommends: Strange Fiction’s new single, “Ready for You”

strange fiction band

Strange Fiction released their EP Strange Fiction in January of this year, and new music has been anticipated by their fans in the recent months. Well, wait no longer (okay, maybe just a little longer) because the band will be releasing their new single “Ready for You” next week.

Strange Fiction produces a futuristic yet uniquely down to earth vibe that intrigues the listener just enough to make one wonder what genre they are actually listening to. The band’s EP in January gave us a taste of their unique indie/pop rock sound as they couple electronic synth with classic instruments. Whatever you make it out to be, it is easy, fun listening that is of the highest caliber.

All that to say, Strange Fiction set the bar pretty high for their newest single, and the current writer sits here in astonishment. For such a young band, the sound that Nathan Medina, Colin Campbell, James Blair, Chris Applegate, and Nathan Rabold create together is beautifully mature and well established.

“Ready for You” is a song about a man opening up to the idea of love. He has found someone who is worth ending the “games” for, someone who he believes in. Don’t get the wrong impression though, this story is done the Strange Fiction way with the perfect mix of almost tangible vocals and lyrics that we connect with so well and the fun and upbeat electronic rhythms that are iconic of this genre.

The song begins with a driving synth bass line and solo vocals by the crystal clear, delicate, and yet strong voice of lead singer Nathan Medina. He intros the song perfectly before soaring into a stellar falsetto for the chorus and the entrance of the backing vocals. The backing vocals have a very interesting effect on them that adds to the psychedelic feel that we love to get out of this band.

This small post production effect is just another example of how detail oriented Strange Fiction is when it comes to their music. Nothing is released without the icing being spread just right.

Both verses are very strong with great lyrics. This is rather heartfelt song and it just makes you smile. The bridge breaks down to a simple snapping rhythm and builds back up to the falsetto that we are graced with time and again throughout the track. After some vamping, the song ends on a simple downbeat and you can almost hear the applause that this single will receive in the silence that follows.

Check out Strange Fiction on Soundcloud and Spotify and keep up with them on Facebook to catch their next show.

(Photo courtesy of Strange Fiction).