OV Recommends: Kady Rain

Watch out, Austin. There’s a new pop queen in town and she’s killin’ it. Austin’s very own Kady Rain is turning heads with her new music video “R.A.D. Moves” and we can’t get enough of it.

Rain’s resilient voice has the spunk of Katy Perry, the irresistible sass of pop sensation Marina and the Diamonds, but a uniqueness all her own. She fuses electro-dance with indie-rock to create an organic and refreshing take on pop music.

Rain began her musical journey when she was just 15 years old and she told OV she “hasn’t looked back since.” She actually performed her first live show right here in Austin at The Broken Spoke, and we’re glad she hasn’t strayed too far since. She veered toward pop music two summers again when co-writer Ben Bazzrea and her began writing songs on his front porch. Ever since, the firecracker combo has been leading pop music lovers in a musical trance.

Rain recently released her first EP “All I Ever Wanted,” and with her hit track “R.A.D. Moves” she presents her listeners with upbeat music and describes it herself as “pure sunshine with a beat,” which is precisely the vibe she renders in the video.

First of all, Rain’s style is almost as rad as her dance moves. She struts around town in an array of funky outfits drenched in glitter epitomizing something like New York Fashion Week, Katy Perry and a dash of the 80’s. At one point, Rain rocks a bright white dress while sprawling out on a bed of sparkly cotton candy with neon lights blazing around her. The chorus /Woah-oh-oh, never let me go-oh-oh/ echoes in the background and ignites a totally eclectic vibe. Fashion-wise, Rain hit it out the park.

Alongside the stellar visual style of the video, Rain’s powerhouse vocals didn’t fall short of impressing us either. In a close up, she belts out /slick sweat shinin’ under disco light/ with green glitter lips that magnify her fiery yet refined voice. The resilient tone pulses through your body and ignites a buoyant spirit that will leave you dancing carelessly around the room. She then switches gears and softens during the line /You can kiss me in the streetlight/ which adds a touch of vulnerability and sensuality that makes it feel more personal.

Overall, the song has a lively robust and somewhat sensual vibe that makes for the perfect summer pool party jam or a revitalizing morning anthem to shake off the early drag. We think “R.A.D. Moves” is utterly rad and give it a huge thumbs-up!

Check out the video here:

(Photo Courtesy of Kady Rain’s Facebook page)