Weekly Staff Picks: Goodbye Summer 2016


The summer of 2016 in Austin has yielded major successes in regards to local music and art. The rapid rise of the music-tech industry and city-wide support has cast a righteous spell on Austin based musicians. Daily showcases and concerts liberated the city and reminded the community of the excitement that accompanies “keeping Austin weird.” Amongst others, Empire Control Room, Swan Dive, The Mohawk, Barracuda and Scratchouse served as an oasis for discovery and enthrallment for music lovers and consumers. Hungry musicians who began the summer eager for exposure, are exiting the hot season with note-worthy revelation.

S U R V I V E, Austin-based mystery/synth outfit curated the stunning theme song and soundtrack for the blockbuster Netflix series, Stranger Things, putting Austin “on the map” on a global scale. While synth-funk masters CAPYAC toured in Europe, Austin favorites Blunt Force headlined Euphoria, Denali, and Cara Bishop of the sibling super-group, The Bishops, worked on projects with Lil Twist of Young Money. These triumphs are only a fraction of the shared victories amongst the city’s musicians. Austin is undoubtedly ready to further its artistic affluence. Despite the fall semester barreling toward students and graduates alike, On Vinyl wants to share a playlist of some of Austin’s best tracks to celebrate this summer’s prosperity in music, easing you into the fall season.