Month: August 2016

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The Mayor On Music: Steve Adler Joins The Local Musical Revolution

Music is a key ingredient to cultural togetherness and social awareness; it’s origins are primitive and we must invest in it’s vivacious simplicity. When infatuated, musical visionaries are rapidly losing their wealth to desensitized businessmen, it is an intellectual crime. Austin’s dedicated mayor, Steve Adler, is ready to entertain Austin’s unorthodox, musically-driven attitude with diplomatic flawlessness to keep Austin jamming.

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Synesthesia Live founder and CEO Theron Pray transforms sound into color in the Live Music Capital of the World

We’ve all been mesmerized by a piece of artwork at one point or another. The way an artist starts out with something so seemingly chaotic, just scraps of colors and textures, unfocused ideas, shaky notes and muddled rhythms, and then have it turned into a masterpiece is truly mind boggling to me.