Austin Musicians Expand Their Influence To Oklahoma For Backwoods Music Festival

Backwoods Music Festival is going to be a celebration of movement and harmony— a rare event of authenticity and music with the help and liberation of some of Austin’s favorite artists.

As enthusiasm for music festivals grows exponentially, the nation is simultaneously seeing the rise of small-scale, rural festivals. High profile festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza are generating over 100 million dollars in combined revenue— a fine testament to the economic power of music. Although, what separates these “small-scale” music festivals from the globally recognized festivals is it’s sense of community and togetherness- lineup and total revenue aside.

Located in the rustic city of Stroud, Oklahoma, Backwoods Music Festival is an exemplary demonstration of an authentic “underground” music festival. Throughout the 1970’s hippies and other counter-culture subgroups formed what is referred to as the free festival movement. The free festival movement was curated by progressive thinking men and women who promoted unity through song and dance. The various festivals took place world-wide and didn’t cost attendees a dime- each festival was poor in revenue but overwhelmingly rich in culture and collaboration. Many contemporary festivals, such as Bonnaroo, try to mock this brief, anti-capitalist revolution but come up short as ticket prices range from 300-400 dollars. While Backwoods is not a free event, it’s novelty and humble energy radiates a vibe unlike prominent, “established” music festivals.

2016 marks the second year of the predominately electronic music festival. 2015 headlining acts, amongst others, included Porter Robinson, ODESZA and Break Science. This year at Backwoods, September 1-5, succeeding headliners are just as thrilling as 2015 with Nero, Big Gigantic and Autograf on the lineup. While headliners and A-listers will be graciously playing the festival, the Austin music community is exceptionally proud to announce that three local bands/producers will be sharing the bill with globally recognized talent- CAPYAC, Calliope Musicals and Andrew Parsons.


Electro-funk entertainers CAPYAC have seen monumental success in the last year. From FADER Magazine releasing their single music video Speedracer, to touring in Europe, to performing at Backwoods; the creative duo is representing Austin with eccentric style and groove.

calliope musicals

Austin-based indie ensemble Calliope Musicals have also seen a gain in their establishment in the last year. The outfit performed at the wooded electronic music festival Electric Forest and The Wall Street Journal debuted their most recent album Time Owes You NothingTheir genre is considered indie, and comparable to Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros– friendly, loud and energetic. Calliope Musicals will serve as an anchor away from the electronic commotion that will run fervently and freely at Backwoods.

Andrew parsons

DJ Andrew Parsons’ appearance at Backwoods is a massive step in his mostly-regional career. He is an electronic “deep house” producer with sound paralleled to Mat Zo. His tracks are shuffle-worthy and hype, and Austin is proud to have helped put him on the stage this September at the festival where he is sure to prevail.

(Photo courtesy of Backwoods Music Festival’s Facebook page).