Month: August 2016

Weekly Staff Picks: Goodbye Summer 2016


The summer of 2016 in Austin has yielded major successes in regards to local music and art. The rapid rise of the music-tech industry and city-wide support has cast a righteous spell on Austin based musicians. Daily showcases and concerts liberated the city and reminded the community of the excitement that accompanies “keeping Austin weird.” Amongst others, Empire Control Room, Swan Dive, The Mohawk, Barracuda and Scratchouse served as an oasis for discovery and enthrallment for music lovers and consumers. Hungry musicians who began the summer eager for exposure, are exiting the hot season with note-worthy revelation.

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Glitter Tribe and Sound Dessert host four-band showcase at Swan Dive

In recent years, downtown Austin’s music venue and bar, Swan Dive, has established its dominance as a local-music mecca. This quaint, modern space, decorated with cozy booths and a spacious dance floor, serves as refuge for music lovers city-wide that want to enjoy quality concerts and collaborative events at a decent price.

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Spider House celebrates 20 years of business with monumental festival

Spider House is quintessentially Austin–the perfect combination of quirky and weird to keep Austinite’s coming back time and time again. The outdoor patio alone has earned Spider House national attention from travel and destination blogs. Whether you’ve been to one of their poetry slams, cramming in a last minute study session, or just enjoying a cocktail under the patio’s twinkling, Christmas lights, you can agree this place feels like home–which is why it has undoubtedly become one of Austin’s most acclaimed venues.