Resonant Frequency Owns Opening Set For A Live One At The Parish

On Friday July 8, Austin’s funky jam band called Resonant Frequency showcased their incredibly firm understanding of the physics behind music and reverberation, and used it to their advantage.

While many seek music and production as a source for hedonist therapy…scientifically speaking, the comprehension of music can be experienced at a more profound angle depending on the perception of the man. Music is indeed a source of togetherness and stands as a paramount testament to the unification of generations and integration of cultures; but, as far out as it may seem, music is sourced in a cosmic pattern that flies divinely under our threshold of understanding. Intellectuals and insightful creatures are often discussing the ideal of “vibrations” or what is commonly referred to as “vibes.” Most folks typically use the noun in regards to explain a person’s unique energy, or to compare emotional differences between one man and another. The abstract notion of “vibes” is not just a hippie mantra, but instead, a very powerful force of nature– proving that music is not necessarily man made. Resonant frequency is a concept studied in physics that states that any given sound can be reinforced by a surface’s synonymous counter part. The science behind music is not necessarily enticing at first glance, or easy to read for that matter, but is guarantees that it is the world’s magic.

Resonant Frequency is an oscillating symphony of three uniquely different producers, Vince Seidl (Diamond Cuts), Landon Reichle (Lando) and Ben Slade (Local Color). Although each is a multi-talented musician, Seidl sticks to guitar and keyboard, Reichle slaps bass and sequences/mixes, while Slade keeps the beat on drums. Their sound is generally considered “funk,” but it is polished with a sharp and syrupy finish, with a sure fire darkness that entices the body and mind.

It is intentional electronic music; there is something to be discovered in each note. As a multi-dimensional jam band, they successfully layer sounds from the past. Seidl claims their energy is a culmination of “60’s soul, 70’s disco and funk, 80’s pop, 90’s hip hop,” and as Giorgio Moroder would say, “the sound of the future.”

The electronic music scene in 2016 is pulsing with popularity, yet headlining producers are frequently scrutinized for being “push button DJs.” The criticism comes from a righteous place. Artists like Resonant Frequency pour their lives into their dexterity, and those who consistently use the simplest mechanisms for production take away from the brilliance and progression of electronic music- a sense of progress RF fluently rolls with.

Their use of classic instruments instead of primarily electronic equipment gives them a respectable organic energy. On top of their impressive take on the “jam band” sound, they can take white noise, transfer it through a preferred auditory medium, and proceed to design an electric sound to braid into their Phish inspired backbone. Reichle and Seidl hold the stead to the lightening-in-a-bottle sound as they precisely synthesize and associate the separate genres through the computer software Ableton Live 9. The articulation of their sound is generally unfathomable to a musician muggle. Simply put, it’s comparable to the sound that gained Pretty Lights his cult following.

Friday July 8, at 6 st bar and music venue, Resonant Frequency performed an intimate opening set for the Phish cover band, A Live One. The many thin lights of the stage stretched across the band like paint on their set, changing it’s earth tones with the band’s rhythm- a beautiful synchronic vision of sound and light. Each attendee moved their body by the way of their personality, fervently smiling and encouraging their peers to simply, dance. Slade was so incredibly gnarly that evening on the drums, he unknowingly beat a hole into his kick drum. Although he appeared frayed after the incident, everyone around him knew it was a fine testament to his passion and necessary force on the drums. That night at The Parish, Resonant Frequency created a sound of glory and fear, a sound large and lingering, a sound so funky and futuristic, it didn’t matter who spilled their beer, who tripped over their shuffle, or who hammered a rabbit hole into their kick drum because everyone from the floor to the stage was reveling in the beauty of their set.

In regards to contemporary science, resonant frequency is a mystifying concept, especially when you apply it to subconscious human traits. Once more, resonant frequency states that any given sound can be reinforced by a surface’s synonymous counter part. Resonant Frequency the band, uses real-time human energy as their surface to reinforce and enrich their art- an aesthetic that starves it’s own ego to feed the colorless souls of their consumers. This hypnotic bands wants everyone to tune out of their material mishaps and, “join the circus,” that is Resonant Frequency.