Float Fest reaffirms position as best music fest for local artists

While the sun was unforgiving and pierced through even the thickest clouds, Float Fest 2016 saw hundreds of patrons from San Marcos and surrounding areas scurry onto one of many of Don’s Fish Camp’s dusty shuttles to be escorted to the starting point of the 2-hour journey down San Marcos river. Upon their return, festival goers had the opportunity to enter the gates and be greeted by the live sounds of many Austin artists, free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a whole carnival setup that included a murderously fast ferris wheel (or maybe I’m afraid of heights, whatever). 

CniEz35UEAAw5GUAdditionally, Float Fest provided a hub of popular local eateries. Torchy’s Tacos and SoCo’s Burro Cheese Kitchen were two favorite Austin food vendors who surely made surviving the heat possible. Mighty Cone was also a strong pick for anyone (read: everyone) who wanted to rest under the cooling tent to enjoy a filling meal before the next act erupted on stage.


The entire site was a playground not just for sweaty patrons and servicing vendors but also for a powerhouse bill of sweaty local musicians such as BUHU, Riders Against the Storm, Löwin and Night Drive. From thunderous acts such as Holiday Mountain to the eclectic triage known as Blue Healer, Float Fest has once again reaffirmed its position as one of the best music festivals for local Austin musicians. With Rick Ross and Chromeo having headlined this year, the festival is growing through the strength of its lineup. With its rise in popularity also comes the acclimating intensity of support it gives to local artists who are able to share the stage with increasingly popular national musical acts.

float fest 2016

Overall, the festival, once again, impressed us with a stellar VIP area (the AC is well worth buying a pair of tickets), the novel ability to float the river unique to Float Fest, and the local music which was on-point and majorly supportive of Austin’s live music scene. For more information on what you missed, check out Float Fest’s official website here to be in the loop about next year’s festival.

Check out our official Float Fest 2016 playlist.