Concrete Robot EP: Where Simplicity Meets Psychedelic Rock

Concrete Robot released their self titled EP which includes tracks recorded with Erik Wofford (Black Angels, Explosions In The Sky, White Denim). It also includes tracks self produced by Andy Castro of Avenue F fame. 

The EP is plenty psychedelic — it actually reminds me a lot of a kaleidoscope how it manages to entice listeners with it’s melodic beauty. But, as it gains altitude, soaring to a new levels while still remaining centered.   

Their first song, Ruby Red, is a reminder that basic melodies done the right way is indelibly profound.  It’s slow, strummy, and majestically relaxing (not to mention it’s about my favorite Deep Eddies). The lyrics match the melody perfectly, intoxicating listeners right from the start.

The lyrics are beautifully relatable:

“The walls were moving, bound to every word you said
Right beside you was the loyal chambermaid
Who said she hadn’t felt this good in almost half a day
You were swayed by, not by kindness or flattery
But by the beauty of the young and a little apathy”

Trip the Light, my favorite song from the EP, is also probably the most upbeat. It reminds me a lot of an old Oasis tune. It’s idealistic lyrics paired with the  perfect amount of classic rock and just enough indie makes for a really enjoyable tune.

Check the live version of Trip the Light here:

Shoegazer embodies all the feelings that come with sorrow but is by no means melancholy. It’s actually more uplifting than anything . The song ends with the lyrics, “don’t try too hard to cure your sorrow staring at your shoes”.

Nearer is a prime example of just how soothing rock can be. Since this song does not contain lyrics, you get to really appreciate the melody. It’s mysterious, without being overly eerily.

Kamera Shy is melodic craftiness at it’s finest. It’s an alluring gem of a song, giving listeners the same sensation of being on the receiving end of a camera.

Concrete Robot is the real deal– it’s garage indie rock done right. Craving more, I reached out to the band inquiring about any new material. Luckily enough, the guys are expecting to release a new EP very soon.

When I asked if their new stuff would be close-sounding to their prior EP, they said, “Definitely! Two of the tracks were written and demoed during the first EP’s recording sessions. Though I would say the vibe of this one will be a bit more rock/psych rock.”