Weekly Staff Picks: Blue-ish Rainy Day

The rain won’t stop pouring in Austin, but luckily our tight-knit community of local blues and jazz musicians won’t quit making  music to perfectly suit these gloomy days.

Much like Austin’s eclectic feel, this playlist matches more classic tunes with the experimental sounds of genre-melding artists.

These local sounds blend this diversity with an overall rainy day vibe to create a nice playlist for an overcast day in the office or a slow morning.

  • “Willowing” – Alyse Black
    • A modern pop take on jazz, her music sounds like “falling in love” according to fans.
  • “Yearning” – Scott Simon
    • An acoustic soloist guitar number, his intricate fingerings capture the mind.
  • “Jazzline Conspiracy” – Christopher Brenner
    • A much more traditional jazz sound, this cello and piano based number really picks up and delights.
  • “What Are you Doing the Rest of Your Life” – Pamela Hart
    • Clearly a more lounge jazz number, with a strong soloist presence, Pamela Hart’s gorgeous voice seductively floats above the melodies.
  • “Dres Blues” – Andre Hayward
    • A great trombonist, Hayward’s easy listening music will sneak up on you and have you gently swaying around your living room.
  • “Everything That Moves” – Zarni
    • Technically this song is much more folk-y than the rest of this playlist, but the lyricism of her works couldn’t be passed up.
  • “Take the ‘A’ Train” – Benito and Soul Wagon
    • A classic, classically done.
  • “Seven Shades of Blue” – Alyse Black
    • With a little funk in her jazz, this slower song is a bit of a tear-jerker.
  • “Ghost of a Chance” – The Philip Marshall Trio
  • “Body and Soul” – Karen Tennison
    • A surprisingly old, classic sound emerges from a young, fresh artist.
  • “Peace Offering” – Andre Hayward
    • Tinkling piano cascades between intricate melodies on the trombone.