Parish Hosts The Watters Album Release Party With Special Guests

Saturday, July 2 starting at 8 p.m., The Parish presents a three band showcase to celebrate the anticipated album release of the Austin based “americana” outfit- The Watters.

Downtown Austin venues rarely let local music milestones go without notice. Dirty 6th st. bar and music venue, The Parish is a live music platform that serves avid music consumers on a weekly basis. The Parish hosts acts as high profile as pop-EDM outfit Krewella and even throws Kanye/Drake tribute parties. It’s safe to say that The Parish is an epicenter for 6th street music. Not only do they stage “A list” artists, they also fight to showcase and accelerate the successes of local musicians.

The Watters is made up of five harmonious visionaries- Jenna and Daniel Watters, Jordan Hughes, Zach Arnault and Trevor Nealon. The ensemble considers themselves a sort of new-age Fleetwood Mac. The band has toured extensively through the nation and gained a loyal fan base- a testament to their vibrant stage energy and instinctive talent. The band’s newest album The Great Unknown is set to be released July 1 and celebrated only a day later at The Parish with special guest performances by the spunky funk getup Kev Bev and The Woodland Creatures and psych-rock pioneers The Halfways.

Expansive dimensions are vital to progressive music. Forward thinking artists use electronic samples and loops to accelerate the naturally occurring sound of classic instruments- it’s a revolutionary idea.

Kev Bev and The Woodland Creatures are a daring example of how culminating various genres can lead to a new, stunning creation of sound. It’s mo-town and electronica. It’s funk and soul. It’s a truly contemporary resonance shared by eight costume-wearing men and women- Kev Bev, Candy, Gavin, Garret, Kai, Adrian and Kev Clark. They have an animated stage presence that lights up any venue and stimulates crowds, making them a prime opener for The Watters Great Unknown release event.

Psychedelic rock is an archetypal genre of music that defined and untied and entire generation of free spirited 1960’s counter cultured rebels. Psych rock as the ability to get people dancing the same way new age electronic does. Their similar rolling rhythm that is often paralleled with darkness, physically moves and grooves the bodies of their listeners like a wave- done so with classic instruments.

Austin’s psychedelic rock band The Halfways is a fine demonstration of the frequent growth of the epic genre. Although psychedelic rock was a blockbuster hit some 50 years ago, it has yet to reach it’s peak. Due to a generation of festival goers, there has been a rebirth of the use of psychedelics, a new wave of enlightenment. The Halfways take this trend and righteously craft it into something more virtuous- art and sound. The band is not “trying” to be anything- they are uninhibited and native to what they do. The Halfways produce a riveting, chromatic sound that is set to resonate throughout The Parish July 2 alongside The Watters and Kev Bev and The Woodland Creatures.

Saturday, July 2 these three incredibly talented, unique bands are coming together to create a local alliance through sound, to guarantee the commemoration of The Watters Great Unknown is one worth attending.