OV Recommends: Brandon Hughes

Brandon Hughes is an Austinite songwriter/musician, but more than anything he’s a storyteller. With some guidance from friends and family, Brandon began writing down stories and experiences and turning them into song that are both relatable and highly evocative.

Not only are his songs are about love, loss or just enjoying life. But Hughes has a funky, pop, rock style that relates to our generation. His voice reminds shows influence of John Mayer— both have a certain emphatic quality. He also falls into the sensitive singer-songwriter category in terms of his phenomenal guitar skills and just general charisma.

Brandon is originally from Asheboro, North Carolina, a very small town, but claims to be “more of a city guy,” and it reflects in his writings of the people he meets or his own stories through his city adventures.

Recently, Hughes was a producer and host on a local television show called “Lost in Sound Lounge” which showcases the up and coming musical talent here in Austin. He is also currently working as a marketing rep for Bearded Brothers, and continues to pursue production roles.

In addition to touring, Hughes released his “Different Breed EP” in Aug 2014– a project that he started and maintained by himself through fundraising via social media.

Hughes is also currently writing and preparing to record his debut full band album which is made up of Daniel Seriff as the lead guitar/producer, John Ray on bass and Daniel Aaron Faust on the drums.

His melodic, often soft rock has already earned him a large fan base that will only keep growing.  Brandon Hughes is currently scheduled to play on June 11th at The Saxon Pub.