New Local Music And Arts Festival Finds An Unlikely Home- Irie Bean Coffee Bar

Irie Bean, a locally run coffee bar on South Lamar is putting together a day long music and arts festival to showcase local artists- some of which are regular performers at their venue.

Music, coffee, booze and rich community manifests itself in many Austin avenues city wide. From bars to video stores, art and friendship can be found in unusual places. Irie Bean is a hub for creation- a mecca for studying, meetings, business, and a place for creative minds to radiate. It’s welcoming and imaginative energy deems it an excellent place for a small scale music and arts festival.

The Irie Bean Music and Arts Festival takes place Saturday, July 9 from 12-7 with non-stop music showcases every 30 minutes. The back to back performances yield a variety of sound and talent.

Irie Bean hosts an open mic every Thursday night, proving it’s pure intentions toward the local music scene. The coffee shop is genuinely dedicated to expanding the local arts community through exposure. Irie Bean is not solely concerned with pampering their own commerce. Rather, they use their local power to advance unrecognized, deserving talent. The arts festival aims to generate revenue for the artists, allotting them the attention and money they well deserve.

The festival hopes to see 150-300 attendees throughout the day. Those who purchase wristbands are guaranteed entry and two complimentary alcoholic beverages. Although wristbands are not absolutely necessary for entry, early bird tickets are on sale for a limited time for $10, while door prices ring in at $15. Donations towards bands and musicians are accepted and encouraged.

Irie Bean is also seeking businesses to sponsor the event. In order to pose as a sponsor, the business must pay anywhere from $25 to $100 depending on their preferred exposure and involvement.

Festivals and shows in Austin truly have no boundaries. From globally recognized music festivals, to a tight knit local scene, the live music capital of the world remains a safety net for undiscovered musicians. Thanks to venues like Irie Bean and their visionary ideals, the decline of available jobs for artists can be stopped in it’s tracks and pushed in an upward direction. This particular coffee bar is a versatile medium for all creation. It’s a beautiful thing really. And so is coffee.

For updates, wristband sales and specific lineup/vendor information check out the event website prior to the festival date.

(Photo Courtesy of Irie Bean Facebook).