Weekly Staff Picks: Boston, here we come

I’m preparing to leave my beautiful Austin bubble later this week to embark on a mission subtly mentioned a few days ago: On Vinyl Media is expanding to Boston, Massachusetts starting with our Boston Calling attendance. And instead of cheesily written press releases or otherwise ineffective ways to express how we feel about this expansion, I’ve compiled the Weekly Staff Picks for this week.

First, we start off with the sweet, soft but quick rhythms of “Everest Isle” by Nemes. The band has perfected their harmonized folky sound. With hints of a grizzly guitar highlighting the simple chords and a beat that’s never late, Nemes is the right band to listen to in the Texas heat or the Massachusetts rain.

Next we move on to three Palehound song previews. Yes, as disappointed as I am about the limited 30-second Soundcloud teasers, I’m understanding of artists’ needs to limit their free art. In fact, if anything, they are the perfect appetizer for the real-deal live performances I’m absolutely ecstatic about seeing at Boston Calling. Palehound’s Dry Food LP features soft but strong vocals, periodic drug references and a juxtaposition of happy/miserable guitar riffs.

Following Palehound is an equally as talented trio of female musicians who go by Lady Pills. Lady Pills’s “Dream World” was performed live at Berklee’s 11th annual SXSW party this year. In the perfect “Boston meets Austin” situation, Brush Square Park was blessed by these lovely ladies and their melodic affectations.

Next, next and next is Michael Christmas. In a hard contrast from the previous folky acts, Michael Christmas adds a fun twist to his music that is at times jazzy, at times bubbly, and most of the time, contains a pop hook. This artist is sure to open up the third day of Boston Calling with a young and wild spirit.

Following up with even more variety is the good ol’ patriots of These Wild Plains. A summery and nostalgic tune, the band is Boston’s greatest example of America’s country-rock. Sure to command a more mature crowd, the band’s “Old Reasons” is complete with a guitar solo, nostalgic vocals and a very classic rock feel.

Closing it out as strongly as they opened up the playlist, I concluded with another Nemes song: “Wrong” which despite its name, is absolutely the right way to start one’s summer.