Month: May 2016

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Creating A Musical Youth: SXSW and Spotify make huge donation to Austin middle school

SXSW is a local music event that yields global attention and more importantly, global talent. Many of these musicians are what society dogmatically refers to as, “millennials,” 20-something rebels that are about to take over American capitalism and serve as successors to millions of jobs, including creative and artistic careers.

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3 Austin fixtures join some of America’s greatest music venues

 Consequence of Sound recently published a definitive list of the 100 greatest American music venues. The article’s coverage, self described as “a first-class, front-row ticket to this country’s most vital concert halls” naturally includes venues located in the city of Austin, a place commonly hailed as “The Live Music Capital of the World.” This year Austin was fortunate to have a total of three venues grace this listing–occupying lower portions on the list, with one venue in particular breaking into the top 10!