Glitter Tribe to showcase three female-fronted bands at Empire Control Room

Glitter Tribe is slated to present three local female-fronted bands on Thursday (May 19) at Empire Control Room & Garage.

The brainchild of Taylor Wilson and Dani DeMarco, Glitter Tribe is an artist management and booking agency dedicated to helping foster and promote local musicians who are struggling to carve a place out for themselves in Austin’s bustling music scene. Wilson and DeMarco have made a name for themselves in a male dominated industry with their vocal, bootstraps approach–proving that young, intelligent, badass women can do the same job a man can do.

As testament to this Glitter Tribe has assembled three female-fronted bands for this upcoming Thursday.

Kicking things off for the night is a band On Vinyl (and I) highly recommend–the three piece rock outfit Tusk, Her. If you haven’t heard of them before check some of their stuff out here. “Silver Bullet” is one of my favorites, but be sure to explore some of their other tracks, like “Seven Days” and “Gianni’s Gun.”

Next up on the bill is The Harms. Another three piece, this psychedelic, garage rock band also has some great cuts. “Sound Dragons” is sure to get you moving with its soulful grooves; “Graveyard Love” is bound to make you introspective; and lastly, “She Turns” showcases just how diverse The Harms’ sound can be.

Closing things off for the night is The Ghosts Wolves, a rock duo that–to be blunt–shreds. You need to check them out. “$ I GOT MONEY $” manages to be both fun-spirited and gritty, while “Journey On (RIP WINTER THE GREATEST)” is the best send off any furry friend could ask for.

But wait for it…there’s more. If all this amazing rock wasn’t enough for you Glitter Tribe also went through the trouble of assembling some local vendors too! Making an appearance will be Wear Dreams Come True, ONE BITE, TWO LICKS, Yellow Elephant Clothing, CaliCo Club and more!

The best part about all of this? The showcase is FREE! You’ve got not excuse not to come now. Come join Glitter Tribe, some great bands and local business and start the weekend off right.

(Feature photo courtesy of Empire’s events page.)