Weekly staff picks: 4/20, blaze it

In celebration of today, I’ve decided to put together a playlist to help everyone have the most enjoyable 4/20 possible. Wether your plans are too vegetate with your friends or go to the greenbelt, this local music playlist will set you up with the right vibes to get you lifted. Ranging from reggae to psych rock, you’ll have just enough complexity with in the chillness to keep your mind in the perfect mindset for the perfect day.

Here are a few of my favorites on the list:

“Rillo Talk” by Wild Child

The title of the song kind of speaks for itself and it’s purpose in this playlist. Regardless of that, Wild Child really encompasses the emotions one might feel after a long day of indulging in 4/20 festivities.

“Osaka” by Golden Dawn Arkestra

This psychedelic song is full of a super raw energy that will make you feel alive. Filled with crazy saxophone lines and fun chants, I picked this song out to start the playlist for a reason. It honestly just get’s the people going.  (Check this band out at Levitation on Friday 29)

“Do you feel it” by Holy Wave

Let me answer the question presented in the title of this song, yes. Yes, I can feel it. This song lifts me up into a sky of rainbows, crystals and love. It’ll get you swaying in the type of way that will remove you from this imperfect reality. (Check this band out at Levitation on Friday, April 29.)