Top 5 local Euphoria alumni


For one weekend every year, Carson Creek Ranch turns into a whimsical music festival wonderland. Hippies, ravers and everyone in-between all come together at Euphoria to connect with each other as human beings through the love of music. This EDM festival is unlike any other due to the fact that it is more than just your typical “music festival”. Euphoria allows individuals to explore themselves as artists and creators, not just a concert goer who spends the weekend there; they want everyone involved to have an inspired experience that leaves you feeling revived and alive!

Over the past four years, we have seen plenty of phenomenal performances from a huge variety of performers. Even though they bring in huge names like Dillon Francis, RL Grimes and Bassnector, Euphoria has also showcased a lot of our local Austin EDM talent.

Here’s a list of a few of our favorite past performances from our local artists:

1. Blunt Force

Easily one of Austins favorite local duos, Blunt Force is at the top of our list for Euphoria. These boys bring an incredibly unique vibe to the EDM scene. Their music is filled with funky vibes that are bound to get you moving. One of the best parts about Blunt Force is the perfect amount of crunch they add to their funk; this addition gives them a dirty funk vibe that you don’t hear from a lot of modern day performers.

2. Toddy B

Over the last 20 years, Toddy B has truly proven himself to be a house music legend.  Not only is he known for his good company, he is also remembered by many for the passion that explodes during his performances. He was chosen as Austins’ “Best Club DJ” five years in a row for a reason: this city loves him! Toddy B never stops performing, either. From being a house DJ to playing festivals, this guy sure knows how to spread the love efficiently through his music.

3. Henry + The Invisibles

Also referred to as the “onemanphunkband”, the nickname speaks for itself. Henry + The Invisibles is slowly becoming one of the biggest names in the Austin music scene. He is relentlessly makin’ the people shake their groove thang with his undeniable funky jams. It’s sometime’s hard to believe that he does this on his own because of how good Henry + The Invisibles really is. No questions asked here: seeing him live is an experience you don’t wanna miss out on.

4. Collidoscope

What stands out to me the most about Collidoscope in particular is their commitment to bring a live music vibe to their music. This is another local band that has been heavily influenced by 70’s funk music. The unique thing about Collidoscope is their use of electronic sounds. Sometimes their music makes you feel like you wanna be a spy on a mission or drive 90 mph and let loose. You’ll definitely leave any concert they have feeling electric with energy!

5. Corduroi

Last, but certainly not least, Corduroi brings us to the end of our list. This artist is known to be one of Austins most promising expiremental EDM artists. With a killer minimalist sound, Corduroi still manages to have a steady stream of undeniable vibage flowing throughout his music. This selection is probably the most unique on this particular list due to the amount of overlap of genres used by Corduroi. If you’re in the mood to think about aliens or video games, keep Corduroi in mind.