The Coloured Collective serves as radio platform for women of color

coloured collective

As of April,  Austin now has a new outlet for women of color to share their art and express themselves. The Coloured Collective is a bi-weekly podcast that aims to showcase the art and creative pursuits of the talented ladies of color that live in this city.

Megz Kelli, rapper from one of Austin’s favorite local hip-hop groups Magna Carda, is one of the three women behind this concept. Kelli is mostly known for her musicianship, but this incredible gal is also a writer and a screenwriter. It’s exciting for us at OV to see our local musicians stepping up and speaking on behalf of those who aren’t able to.

Amarie Gipson, curator and associate editor for Mud magazine and Tyler English-Beckwith, playwright, are the other two powerful women involved in the creation of The Coloured Collective. These women all came together in order to give greater access for women of color to share things like art, literature, fashion, music and so on.

The podcast is shared on their SoundCloud page and their Facebook page every other week. Their energy and their mission statement are hard to ignore even though they have only posted their pilot episode. With a laid-back yet intellectual feel, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the wisdom, love and unity being shared through their recordings.

This project will not only help women of color, but it will also help bring our city forward. Though Austin is the liberal blue center of an overall red state, these three women at Coloured Collective saw the need to fill in a gap that should’ve been filled long ago. It’s 2016, and it’s about time we all have equal opportunity to express ourselves, and that’s exactly what The Coloured Collective intends to do.