Botolph Jazz Trio brings soulful music to Mozarts

If you have an interest in the beautiful sounds of jazz, but have no idea where to see an amazing jazz band, then look no further.

Tonight, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters will be hosting a jazz band that will make those rainy days feel like the perfect ambiance to this sweet and sultry instrumental band.

The Botolph Jazz Trio only performs at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters on Lake Austin twice a month. This month is unique because it’s jazz appreciation month. This trio surely has a set to make you either fall in love with jazz or give those jazz lovers the kick they need to feed their jazz addiction. So here is your chance to go to your favorite lakeside coffee shop, snuggle up with your friends and sway to the smooth musical arrangements.

Lake Austin Mozart's

The Botolph Jazz Trio was created by drummer John Traphagan in 2012. Since then, they have continued playing in Austin. Their main styles include West Coast styles and bebop. The band includes John Traphagan on the drums, John Groves on the keys and Andrzej Kujawa on the bass.

Botolph’s main style, bebop, was developed in the mid-1940s and features a quick tempo, intricate chord progressions and improvisations. It is a modern jazz style that counters the swing style that dominated the music scene in the ’40s. Botolph stays true to this bebop style and continues to reinvent new modern styles of Jazz.

Check out more of their music below and attend what should be a glorious night at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters. Let’s not only make this month the month of jazz, but every month a time to appreciate a music genre that has spanned over a hundred years.