OV Recommends: Crizzly


A week before Euphoria Fest, writer Kat Gualy and I perused the grounds of West Campus after leaving HONK!TX. We found ourselves meeting Austin artist Crizzly randomly at Juiceland. “I’m going to be that guy,” he said, handing us fliers to advertise his residency at The Nook every Tuesday night.

The week after, I ended up watching him perform twice, once with the Slice Gang, an entourage of pizza-loving hype artists, and another time commanding a stage that overlooked a sea of Euphorians that had grown in size even after Waka Flocka had ended his set minutes before. There are few times I am able to happily endorse an artist because I have seen more than 150 artists within the span of the last year, but today, I’m happy to say On Vinyl recommends Crizzly.

Listen to a snippet of “Ass Clap (feat. Crichy Crich)” by Crizzly in the last snippet of On Vinyl’s recap video of Euphoria Fest below.

Song credit: “When the Dust Settles” by STS9, “Cabaret” by Azizi Gibson, “Ass Clap” by Crizzly feat. Crichy Crich