On Vinyl Music supports Blunt Force in Untz Challenge VI

Blunt Force

On Vinyl favorite and staff pick Blunt Force is participating in The Untz Challenge to win the opportunity to perform at seven major national music festivals. The group has made it to the final round of voting. Support local music by voting for Blunt Force here.

Listen to their new track “Dreamer” featuring Jay Fresh here.

Road to Euphoria, Vol. 17 ft. Blunt Force

Our festival partner Euphoria is excited to feature Blunt Force in next weekend’s festival at Carson Creek Ranch. Blunt Force, comprised of OV homies Deniz Baykal and Brian Gustafson, has shared the stage with a number of big-name artists and is known in local circles for their masterful blend of funk, hip-hop and livetronica. Below is one of Euphoria’s official playlists titled Road to Euphoria featuring our hometown heroes, Blunt Force.