Austin non-profit, HAAM, aims to keep musicians alive & well

The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) is one of the many non-profit organizations in Austin that fights for musicians’ rights. Many of these non-profits offer a large variety of services.

What made HAAM stand out to me was their mission statement: “to provide access to affordable health care for Austin’s low income, uninsured working musicians, with a focus on prevention and wellness.”

For starters, I didn’t even think about musicians not being able to afford proper healthcare. Things like that never crossed my mind, but luckily for the working musicians of our city, it did cross the minds of the people who started HAAM.

HAAM helps supply medical services and doctors to uninsured musicians who wouldn’t have the opportunity to receive these services otherwise. Not only that, they also offer educational classes on how to live a better and healthier lifestyle. They do this pro bono. In return for the medical services they receive, the artists offer their musical services to show their appreciation for the services they have received.

A friend of mine, Gustavo Rodriguez of the Gustavo Rodriguez Band, shared how HAAM has positively affected his life. Through this organization he was able to find out that he had diabetes, and as someone who doesn’t necessarily participate in western medicine, he was able to find a way to fight diabetes in his own way.

Though this is only one of many non-profits in Austin, it is one we should look at to recognize all the possibilities organizations such as HAAM offer to the many musicians of our city.

In light of this coverage, OV would remind readers of all the good HAAM is providing for the Austin community. In a few short weeks HAAM will be hosting a Corporate Battle of the Bands on May 13, with proceeds towards this event benefiting local musicians.

(Photo courtesy of HAAM”s website.)